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Best Home Value Estimator Tools: Know Your Property’s Worth

Best Home Estimator Tools

The value of a property is what sustains the interest of a real estate investor or a buyer. That is why homeowners may be keen to have their home evaluated to learn about its worth. Some other reasons a home value estimator is used are selling or buying a home, considering a mortgage loan, or refinancing. The factors around which a home’s value estimator revolves are location, size, amenities, and technology.

While a home value estimator helps determine the market value of your property, it is also essential to know that not all home value estimator websites provide similar value estimates. Some are better programmed than others; even a real estate agent will give you the value estimate for your home, except at a cost. Keep in mind that the goal is to provide you with the appraisal of your home and get it to sell quickly at a discounted price on the market if you listed it. Let’s get you familiar with the different home value estimator tools for your home.


This home value estimator tool has outstanding features that allow homeowners to apprise information about qualitative and quantifiable features of their homes. It shares real-time data through human elements as real estate agents who conduct corporal property viewing, a medium that guarantees accurate valuation.

 Homelight uses geolocation technology to spot houses and a special algorithm that communicates with investors, making actual home offers. Having access to this tool requires you to answer simple questions about your property.


Zillow arrives at its Zestimate as the company continues to refine its properties. Like Homelight, this home value estimator has one of the best among the HVE websites in the United States. Continuous embellishments to its performance allow investors to access information about comparable properties transacted in an area and predict the property value over a year. Its daily updates prevent room for errors when suggesting homes to go on the market. However, contrary to off-the-market homes, Zillow relies on public data. It is accessible by the entry email address.


Redfin home value estimator tool is reputable for its proficiency in providing precise home value estimates and frequent website updates with publicly available data from sources like the MLS (multiple listing services), county records, and comparable homes. In terms of a lower margin of error on home valuation, it surpasses the Zillow estimator tool. Like Zillow, it uses the email address as the entry for accessibility, and its superb predictive volume exceeds other estimators.


Homeowners are the primary beneficiaries of this home value estimator. is known for sharing authentic information on home sales, and it adopts automated valuation data from third-hand sources. Its tools are available for homeowners looking to sell their property and trail local trends with its “claim your home” feature. provides homeowners with in-depth information to guide them in making healthy decisions when selling their homes. is great tool homeowners can leverage.


Esppraisal has a comparative feature that allows users to learn about their property’s estimate alongside top competitors’ site estimates. It relies on public data, recent ¬†‘comps’ (comparable properties), and the latest rates for loans and mortgages for sellers. One drawback is its inability to assemble estimates for properties on the market, especially for newer homes. The website may be pretty challenging to peruse. Still, with the necessary address filled out, members can enjoy resources for buying, selling, and financing and contents aloof to members with a subscription.


The U.S News value estimator is peculiar for its calculative facet. It initially appears to have a news-based interface, but its subsections have other matters, including real estate. Efficient for homeowners, realtors, buyers, and sellers, the value calculator is a helpful resource for determining your property’s value. It is accessible by entering your email address and ultimately finishing by receiving the estimate you seek after your survey.

Some considerations go into the final output of your home’s value. It is pertinent to know that these home value estimators are not 100 percent precise. They serve as springboards to guide you before taking your home on the market; a real estate investor‘s expertise is a much better resort for analyzing comprehensive appraisals.